Turning Negative Feelings into Creativity

Just the other day, I was looking through one my elementary school yearbooks. I saw photos of a tiny me, standing with a bunch of people that I just don’t talk to anymore.   In fact, I don’t think I’ve talked to any of them in six years. When I look at them in the yearbook, I think about my birthday party sleepovers when I was in 3rd and 4th grade, where we would all eat cake and watch movies. I tried to think about more fun times we had together, but most of what I can seem to remember is the drama. I remember all the kids in elementary school excluding each other, including all of the times I have excluded someone from my own games.

The funny thing is that at the time, all these events were a huge part of my life, and I was really traumatized by them. But when I look back of them, they seem a little… well… stupid. Being mad about a game of dogs at recess? What does that do for me?

I think everybody has these events in their lives. The drama that seems ridiculous in retrospect, but was really upsetting to you at the time. Sometimes, all that you can remember about a certain event or day is the negative aspects of it. What is someone supposed to do with negative feelings? Well, you can use it to your advantage.

A lot of life isn’t about reality, but it’s about how we perceive reality. Perception is, in many ways, the foundation of our world. So, why not view every setback as a source of inspiration, rather than only being a setback? Use your emotions to achieve greatness! When something happens to you that is upsetting, try to channel your feelings into whatever form of expression is the most comfortable for you. Not only will you be creating, but you will also be also be helping to heal yourself by expressing your emotions.

Let’s say you bumped into an ex-friend in town, and they were very rude to you. You may know that this was just a couple seconds of your life, but the event really upset you. You could type up a short story about what happened between you and your former friend, or you could draw or paint something to express how you’re feeling. If you do not particularly enjoy creative writing or drawing, then you could write a diary entry or write a letter to someone, expressing how you are feeling. Either way, you will have created something from your struggles, and this is something that can be preserved forever. Even though the thing that you are upset about may seem insignificant and stupid, it is not stupid if it is causing you emotional turmoil.

So, use it! Take advantage of feelings, and harness them into productivity, no matter how much or how little. Even if you think that whatever you are creating is ridiculous, the point is to just get it down and let your feelings out. If you think it’s terrible, you don’t have to show it to anybody. But in the end, you will have expressed yourself in a healthy way, and you never know! Maybe whatever you have created will inspire you do expand on that idea in the future.

So next time you are made to feel lesser by others, get to work, and remember that you don’t have to give them your autograph when you are famous.


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